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Founded in London in 2017 by fashion journalist and psychologist Anabel Maldonado, The Psychology of Fashion™ is a platform that explores why we wear what we wear, and the relationships between personality, emotions and aesthetic. The platform also examines fashion industry dynamics and issues such as sustainability and workplace wellbeing, through the lens of psychology.

We believe that personal style is not random. The clothes that feel best tap into our truest qualities, are a consequence of our different inner needs, and reflect our most deep-seated narratives about ourselves.  

Through research, features, opinion, discussion and community, we aim to justify aesthetic aspirations and provide consumer direction through promoting self-knowledge and awareness about the connections between one's own psychology and tastes in design. We also want to challenge the conventional mentality around materialism and superficial perceptions of fashion, and provide a theoretical framework for fashion psychology to help brands and consumers. 

For contributions to fashion psychology, Anabel and TPOF have received press in publications that include Vogue Spain, Vogue Italia, Elle France, Financial Times, T The New York Times Style Magazine: Singapore, O The Oprah Magazine, The New York Post, Garage – VICE, The Fashion Law, Grazia UK, AlleyWatch and CBC News.

In 2019, TPOF launched its Spanish-language website La Psicología de la Moda, engaging new contributors and readers from Latin America and Spain. Visit here.

Launching in 2020, PSYKHE, the e-commerce arm of The Psychology of Fashion, will combine machine learning and psychology for a revolutionary platform.

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CONTRIBUTORS: Sofia Pettenazza, Orian Bar, Yenia Hernández Fonseca, Julie Hurst, Kiara Alves Walters, Nicholas Hilton, Nathaniel Palmer, Taylor Wiltsee


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