Clothes As Therapy

Fashion provides a tangible touchstone for qualities that we are lacking, but want more of. Using our fashion psychology framework, we've created fashion and lifestyle edits to dampen anxiety, uplift depression, boost confidence and more. 

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The Anxiety Shop

Earthy neutral colours and soft thick, plush or heavyweight textiles work best in calming an anxious mind. Good sleepwear and loungewear reassures that all is well, and probiotics promote a healthy gut and healthy mind.

The Confidence Shop

Whether you'd like to appear more confident for a workplace setting, on dates or any other occasion, dressing confidently entails red's powerful effects, black's protective elements, and gold for its associations with winning. 

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The Depression Shop 

Defined by periods of sadness, depression is a mood disorder that persists for weeks at a time, whether in phases or continuously. Working in brighter colours in small doses can help uplift sadness, and promote more optimism about the future.