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Voices of Fashion on Mental Health in London


Hosted by iCAAD in partnership with The Psychology of Fashion, this December 6th sees a one-day event at London’s King College along with leading experts at the intersection between Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health when it relates to performance in high-pressure environments such as the fashion industry. We will explore how to align creative drive with psychological awareness, to question and reimagine how support can be provided, even while operating at the edge at a time where the spotlight glares so brightly on prevalent mental health issues. See more information about speakers here.


Tailored Accelerator For Fashion Professionals 


Led by international fashion business, design and branding consultants Fabian Hirose, Farah Liz Pallaro, and TPOF founder Anabel Maldonado, the Tailored Accelerator Workshop for fashion industry professionals is a 360 approach to advancement. Led by principles from design, psychology, business and spirituality, the workshop will help understand the real nature of your challenges within the industry and gain insight into what suppresses potential. The program gives a boost to people from all areas of fashion, and helps develop an action plan for both individual and professional development. Visit Eventbrite page here.